Comprehensive Guidance Plan - $399.00 Per Month

Service includes:

  • (3) Coaching Sessions per month via phone or in-person
  • (3) Follow-up Reports per month sent to the Client within 24 hours of previous session. Reports will recap and provide an overview of session, detail the plan-of-action, and include perspective changing thoughts from your coach.
  • HELP NOW SERVICE - Email and Texting Support in between sessions. Communicate via short email or text regarding an issue that just can’t wait until your next scheduled appointment. Your Coach will respond within 24 hours, but usually much sooner.
  • Relaxation package – Includes a soothing relaxation CD and short inspirational book
  • VIP Priority scheduling of appointments
Comprehensive Guidance Plan - $399.00 Per Month

In-depth, complete support for you and/or family members.

Feel Fully Supported and have maximum access to coaching services and products, including help for spouse and family members.

IDEAL FOR those:

  • Who find comfort in experiencing full service support
  • Who may want to divide sessions with a spouse or loved one to ensure complete family care.
  • Who will benefit from having a dedicated advocate and mentor who is fully accessible
  • Who are interested in medical appointment preparedness service.
  • Want an accountability partner to ensure doctor recommendations and health goals are being met.
  • Want to brainstorm and strategize plans and goals
  • Who will benefit from full coaching sessions
  • Who want the option of in-person meetings
  • Benefit from a detailed follow up plan-of-action