Daughter of 79 year old, Marco Island, FL

I can’t say enough about how well you prepared my dad for his doctor appointments. He was able to share specific information and get a better understanding of what was happening and why he should follow their recommendations. It was amazing when he called after the appointment. Thank you, thank you. I’d like you to continue checking in with him and being sure he is staying on track. Having an older parent living far from you can be very hard when they are sick. As you know, my brother and were at wits end when dad was going in for so many appointments. He either didn’t hear what was being said, or sometimes didn’t understand why he needed certain tests or medication. He was too proud to ask more questions and got angry with us when we questioned him after the appointment was done. Trying to get a clear picture from the doctor’s office was hard, if they called back when I was in a meeting I missed it and never seemed to get ahold of them again. My dad didn’t really understand the importance of taking the medication so he didn’t. His health didn’t improve, my brother and I took turns flying down to help out. When we finally found you it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I know dealing with my dad can be tough, but he responded so well to you – I think one reason was because he was sick of listening to us. ha-ha.