Coaching With Stephanie

Many times I’m asked “so what is coaching anyway”...

Here’s how I explain it:

The coaching process is a really interesting way for people to take a look at their lives, decide what part is working well for them, what parts they’d like to change, and begin bridging the gap from where they are now to where they’d like to be. By working with a professional partner, people are more likely to have success making the changes they want and begin seeing things in a much more refreshed perspective.

Many people say “GREAT! So what would we actually be doing together”?

That’s another favorite question I’m often asked and it’s a bit more complicated. Because the needs of our clientele are diverse, what they’re looking to accomplish by working with us is very different as well. I customize each coaching approach and activities based on individual needs and wants.

Some clients come to us with very specific health goals in mind and are ready to do the work needed to reach these goals. Some folks want overall support in addressing feelings of overwhelm and stress. Navigating a confusing medical world can be quite frustrating and is another reason people reach out for help. Others need help getting focused and building a plan that makes sense for them in order to move forward. Sometimes we meet with well meaning family members who want to be a quality support-person but are struggling with their own set of concerns. All of these factors determine what we might do during our sessions and what clients may work on in-between sessions.

In order to have a full understanding on what we can do to help, each new client begins the process by having an in-depth initial session so we are clear what the objectives are, where the struggle is, and how we can best be of value. A proper assessment and foundation is a critical part of the coaching session; providing clarity and direction to both the client and coach.

In spite of warnings, nothing much happens until the status quo becomes more painful then changes. L.J Peters

During our future sessions we may employ a combination of reflective activities, insightful experiments, visioning exercises, and thought-provoking conversation. However, much of the real progress that takes place is likely to come from an “a-ha” moment in between sessions. The time between sessions is very important as you become more conscious of your feelings and actions and can begin altering behavior for the desired result. At the beginning of each subsequent session we do a “check-in” which helps us look at things that happened in between sessions and what you have learned. Together we strategize ways to improve the areas you are struggling with and create Aim Smart goals to help you move ahead.

Our coaching plans are designed to help clients make optimum progress. Experience has shown that clients who are able to sustain positive changes in their lives have 3 things in common that I like to call “Success Indicators”:

  1. They were READY to work on themselves; they wanted change and were willing to spend the time and investment.
  2. They felt completely supported during their coaching process.
  3. They continued working on post-coaching activities once their sessions were complete.

Based on these Success Indicators we have designed a full service, white-glove coaching approach to best meet client needs. Each potential client is pre-qualified to determine if their needs can be met by our team. If we feel we are not a fit, we can refer to someone who may be a better resource.

Stephanie’s Satisfaction Guarantee!

Because I am so confident that you or your loved one will find tremendous value from working with Premier Medical Coaching, I guarantee your satisfaction with the coaching process. While I cannot predict specific results a person will achieve, I am confident that the experience will benefit you, provide insight, clarity, and direction or your investment will be refunded. During our initial coaching session, we will develop the goals and direction you would like to achieve by working together. As the process unfolds, this will make it easy for both of us to have a path to follow to help you achieve what you have outlined; thereby providing maximum benefit.

Additionally, if I feel a Client would benefit more from another form of one-to-one help I will immediately recommend that the coaching program cease and a professional of another sort be consulted.