My blood pressure was high for the first time in my life. I couldn’t believe it when my doctor told me I needed to go on blood pressure medication. While that may not seem drastic to some, for me it was a kick in the butt that I needed to do something to change my health and my stress level. I began exercising at the YMCA, taking classes everyday before work. I couldn’t believe how hard it was at first, I knew then I was truly out of shape. With your encouragement and checking in with me I kept at it and am so glad I did. My blood pressure came down on its own – without medication. I have lost 2 dress sizes and made new friends at the gym. I look forward to going and am so excited about how I look and feel. Having you to help keep me focused and hold me to my intentions was one of the huge reasons I kept at it, even though sometimes I felt like quitting. I can’t thank you enough for being a great partner.

I’m so happy I found you. I never expected to be facing something like this alone. But like I said that’s where I found myself when I called. During our first conversation I knew I had found a special person. I felt more hope when I hung up the phone that day than I had in a long time. Working with you made me realize I’m not alone and I really can do this. What made a huge difference for me was when my kids said “Mom, I can’t believe how strong you’re being….... I’m telling everyone I know about you – God Bless."

You took my call when I was scared out of my mind. Breast cancer and being a single mom just don’t mix. Thankfully this was caught at an early stage and surgery with radiation and medication seems workable in hindsight. But when I called you I had no plan, felt completely alone, as I was trying hard to be strong for my kids. Thank you for listening, helping me sort out my options, and checking on me in between appointments. I never felt alone knowing you were a phone call away. My kids felt better because I felt better. Update on me, the surgeon got everything out and now I’m on to radiation. I still can’t believe I’m going through this, but I’m grateful for how its turned out. I’m so glad my Dad recommended I call you – thank you again for keeping me sane. I look forward to meeting with you when I come down to visit my family.

I can’t say enough about how well you prepared my dad for his doctor appointments. He was able to share specific information and get a better understanding of what was happening and why he should follow their recommendations. It was amazing when he called after the appointment. Thank you, thank you. I’d like you to continue checking in with him and being sure he is staying on track. Having an older parent living far from you can be very hard when they are sick. As you know, my brother and were at wits end when dad was going in for so many appointments. He either didn’t hear what was being said, or sometimes didn’t understand why he needed certain tests or medication. He was too proud to ask more questions and got angry with us when we questioned him after the appointment was done. Trying to get a clear picture from the doctor’s office was hard, if they called back when I was in a meeting I missed it and never seemed to get ahold of them again. My dad didn’t really understand the importance of taking the medication so he didn’t. His health didn’t improve, my brother and I took turns flying down to help out. When we finally found you it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I know dealing with my dad can be tough, but he responded so well to you – I think one reason was because he was sick of listening to us. ha-ha.

The progress we made in just one meeting was incredible. Thank you so much for everything you made happen. When I left your office I felt I had a plan and was moving ahead. I wanted to let you know that my doctor faxed the referral to the specialist and I have an appointment there in just a couple weeks. I can’t believe it all seemed so impossible before, but how quickly things fell in place. I look forward to getting your follow-up email to share it with my husband so we have a good outline on what we are to be doing until next time.

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Thank you for meeting with us again and following up. Incredibly professional and helpful. Trying to find a diagnosis and answers for my wife has been very frustrating for both of us. When we came to you the first time I didn’t understand what she was going through and she was scared out of her mind. Talking to each other seemed to bring on an argument. With your help we were able to really hear what the other person was going through. We’ve made a lot of progress, already making good changes. We’re closer to finding answers, but most importantly we feel like we are working together more and fighting this as a couple, not separately. Thank you again.

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